47 x 47 x 23 cm | steel, satin cord | €475,- commissioned

Tess has turned her hallway into a mini-gallery with art from friends and family on the wall. A shiny spot was missing, so I was called in. This shade, once a ceiling lamp, became a wall lamp. The shape looked like a sun to me and with the macrame effect it also looks like the heart (the seeds) of a sunflower. The colors are shades from white to golden-orange and combined in a (seemingly) random way on the front. A precise division into surfaces does not suit Tess and it also made the lamp more exciting. I added extra threads on the side because otherwise it would be too coarse. So it deviates again from the front. The electrical cord is a beautifully twisted one in ecru. You can see the warm inside reflected on the mirror lamp.


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