Solar III

70 x 70 x 13 cm | steel, satin cord | €395,- commissioned

A friend of Anna's was graduating and she wanted to give him a present along with a few others. Then Anna came up with a lamp from me! So we gathered a few prints and a cap so he could see what macrame looks like in real life. After a dinner where they offered the gift idea, I was instructed to make a mix of Bloom and Solar. So the rainbow colors of Bloom and the shape of ceiling lamp Solar. No sooner said than done. The lamp, which consists of two separate rings and a small cap, is knotted into one whole by the macrame. On the outside, the macrame is quite wide and that becomes finer towards the tip of the cap. Thanks to the gold-coloured ceiling cap and the glow of the crown mirror lamp, the light shines far over the ceiling.


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