70 x 70 x 13 cm | steel, satin cord | €395,- sold

I wanted to make a wall lamp where the macrame part already starts on the wall. I bought individual rings in the size that seemed nice to me and the cap with the lamp should be in the heart of the rings. The colors refer to the Netherlands from above: sun rays, blue sky and green meadows. What I have in my head has yet to prove itself. Because can I tension the lamp in such a way that it does not 'lean' too much forward and do the outer wires also remain taut at the bottom? Do they not collapse because everything is hanging from the nail at the top? In the end, almost everything worked out well. Except that the light started to hang a bit forward. I solved that problem by labeling the lamp as a ceiling lamp. And that immediately looked good. And so I regularly turn necessity into a virtue.


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