25 x 25 x 44 cm | steel, marble, brass, satin cord | €225,- commissioned

I was given carte blanche when I was asked to make a light for a specific spot in the room. I had a beautiful stand with dolphins for legs. I reflected the colors of the marble in the satin cord. For the first time I knotted 'crosswise'. I first tried out if that would work and used some random threads. But that rhythm looked so good that I mimicked it with the new colors. If I think in advance to make something random, I will not be able to do that. Then I keep 'improving' until the rhythm is very regular again. So I was happy. Finishing was a bit of a puzzle, because you cannot hide such thick threads invisibly. I also made a light filter with horizontal stitching. In this way I push my own boundaries step by step.


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