56 x 28 x 56 cm | steel, satin cord | €750,- sold

This shade has a beautiful shape, but you cannot see it well from the side (if the lamp is on the stand in a normal way). Getting rid of the original material was extremely time consuming. Glue can become very hard over time and bond almost like tar. I also got all the brown paint off. I wanted to turn it into a lamp that can be placed against the wall or ceiling. Then the flower shape is clearly visible. For the first time I used 12 colors of satin cord to give the flower a lot of color like a rainbow. At the top and bottom is a double metal ring placed so that I could finish the front on the outer ring in silver wire separately. You can decide for yourself how to place it on the wall. The light is apart from the shade, but is attached at the same simple nail needed to hang this lamp.


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